Whether she is singing “The Blues”, a Jazz Standard….a Pop Hit from the ’70’s or a Classic R&B Tune Laura ALWAYS sings her heart out!!

Her warm smile….friendly attitude will always make your guests or customers feel at ease and happy to enjoy her sultry voice that has been compared to Velvet!!





What can we say here about Brother Dave that you haven’t already heard!!  Dave has been playing and singing professionally for over 20 years.  The man can play ANYTHING!!  Not only is he technically superb but his melodies and solos are enchanting.  Jazz….Blues….Rock….Country….it doesn’t matter!!  He does it all…..and so tastefully…….Everywhere he plays, people stop and take notice!!

Feel free to check out Dave’s website here:








Mark has also been playing professionally for most of his life as well!!  Over 40 years to be exact!!!  Yikes!!

Mark, like Dave can play anything and people all stop to look and listen when they hear him on the piano.  There isn’t another piano player on Long Island with his energy and fun!!  At least, we think so!!  🙂  You will too…

Click here to hear more of Mark’s amazing talent!!


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